Monday, June 15, 2009

Pillsbury Prize Pack Giveaway!

Yay, you clicked through!

Pillsbury & the folks at MyBlogSpark have generously provided me with 2 fun little prize packs! For your little ones, a super cute Giggling Doughboy...Seven LOVES his! And for you, a copy of their magazine that is full of past BakeOff recipes! After just flipping through, I have seen so many things I am going to have to tackle!

Why are they giving these items away? Well, because it's time to spread the word about the newest feature of the BakeOff! It's called You Be the Judge...which means, for the first time ever, we the people get a say in who goes to the BakeOff! Every two weeks from now until October, 2 recipes will be paired against each other on the Bake-Off websiite. Go there and vote, and those 10 winners will get a shot at being the next BakeOff Millionaire! Cool, huh?

So now you know, and now you the BakeOff webpage!

Before you do, enter to win the Prize Packs, okay? Just leave me a comment here telling me your favorite way to "cheat" using a Pillsbury product...or a recipe you have seen using pre-made items that looks too good to be true. I will announce my two winners on Friday, June 19th...and they will of course be chosen by random. So Comment!

Thanks everyone!


  1. I just want to reach through the screen and squeeze him! Seven, I mean - not the doughboy.

    Anyways - I saw those cupcakes you made and that is something I would consider using a cake mix for - especially the chocolate one.

  2. I use the cake mixes to make cookies...the devil's food makes a darned good ice cream sandwich and I use the spice one with one less egg to make a shortbread cookie with powdered sugar.

  3. I use the refrigerated chocolate chip cookie dough as a crust for cheesecake; and I use the crescent roll dough to make lentil taco pasties. Yum.

  4. I love using their Funfetti mix in anything, especially cupcakes and cookies. People go nuts over it!

  5. Hubs loves it when I make monkey bread with Pilsbury's biscuits!

  6. Honestly, I would have to pick your cupcakes. I love cookie dough and seeing a huge chunk inside cupcakes makes me want to make them right now instead of dinner ;)

  7. I definately have to say that my go to Pillsbury product is the french bread. We almost use it weekly to make diferent varieties of stromboli!

  8. I may be too late to enter, but I have to tell you I'm making these TONIGHT!!! Exactly, but with chocolate fudge icing...I love Devil's Food & choc. chip cookie dough!! This is pure genius.

    But, I love to use the crescent rolls to make
    "filled" croissants. Fun giveaway!