Thursday, August 6, 2009

Competition Cake

Pardon the horrible was taken with my iPhone as I left the house this morning. It's only about half done, I am putting wire on top (someone advise on how to do this - you know, with stars, I'm new to this)
I also intend to put furry icing around the edges of the cube. Like Jacque of Daisy Lane Cakes did on her own birthday cake. Now, this cake is for the 10th Anniversary of a Hospital. Thats why you see little scrubs and doctors coats.

I need advice. There's still time to change things, as I said I still have about half of it to do. I haven't done any of the icing, really. Should I write something about 10th Anniversary on the top of that bottom layer? I was intending to pipe "10" into that center circle on the cube, but can nix that. I was also intending to pipe some decorative dots down there with the jackets - you know me an piped dots. But - really - what can I do to make this better? I am even willing to remove the globe from the top if you all think it look attrocious.

Help!! Tweet me your ideas and solutions?