Monday, September 28, 2009

Because Sometimes You're Just Too Tired

Like today. Today started entirely too many hours ago. Actually, today started yesterday. Many of you know that I have a little store. Not a food store, a novelty store of sorts. And yesterday at 8 am, I set off to Tennessee to an auction house to see about stocking it again with candy and other goodies. After buying the candy, the auction started at 1 pm, and our truck was finally finished loading a bit after 12 midnite. I crawled into bed with a fussy Seven at around 4, only to be awakened by the doorbell at 7or so. After that, it was off to unload the trailer of merchandise. I did get a nap in this afternoon, but nothing good. So now I’m dragging. Luckily, my grandmother made dinner and I didn't have to feed Seven and myself. But, if I had needed to, tonight would have been the ideal night for a frozen dinner.

A couple of weeks ago, i was sent a sample of the new Wanchai Ferry Frozen Meals. I had the Orange Chicken variety, which is one of my favorite take-out flavors. Normally, I’m no into frozen bag meals, but this one was really very good! I also think that at around $6.99 a bag, you are getting a great deal. That’s $3.50 per person – about a third of what you would have to pay for Chinese takeout. Best part – it was quick. Start to finish in under 15 minutes...and uses only ONE pot. Nice.

Thanks to the folks at Wanchai Ferry and My Blog Spark, I have the opportunity to set you up – one lucky DoughMessTic Reader will win a Wanchai Ferry "Stay-At-Home" prize pack that includes 2 free coupons as well as some great Asian inspired rice bowls, chopsticks and bamboo placemats. I love my set! Foodies Bloggers? This little gift pack will give you some props for your Asian Food Photos – how cool is that? All you need to do to win is leave me a comment here. Simple as that. Just tell me – if you resort to making a frozen dinner, what do YOU make? Have a favorite brand? A go-to stress reliever in a bag? Won’t you share it with this really, really tired Mom?


Until a winner is chosen at Random on September 25, there is a $1.50 off coupon available at – money in your pocket! Use it!