Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Review of 10 10 10 by Suzy Welch

Being a Stay at Home Mom wasn't ever something I thought I would be. Deep down, I guess I never even thought I'd be a Mom, due to some fertility issues. But here I am. Me. A Mom.

I don't know if I am a typical SAHM. I do have a business - a store that landed in my lap when my Grandfather decided it was time to give up working, though thankfully, I have a lot of familial help with it. I cater a bit as well, which I really enjoy, and it does help pay the bills. And of course, I favorite part time job. But I still consider that I am a Mom as a profession. It's rewarding unlike any job I have ever had...and I have had a few.

There are struggles though. Like how to balance everything. Should I be doing more? Should I give something else up? Should I throw in the towel and try to find a "real" job again? All of these questions can only truly be answered by ME. Sure, I can get advice from every Tweeter and Blogger and girlfriend in the world, but when it comes down to it - I choose. Me.

Suzy Welch's new book 10 10 10 is a Godsend for this very reason. Filled with personal stories as examples, Suzy's book is based on a simple premise: What will be the results of the decision I make in 10 minutes? In 10 months? In 10 years? (I'm guessing her title of 10 10 10 was chosen because "Just Stop and Think a Damned Minute" was already taken.)

The truth is, if you don't make decisions for yourself, someone else is making them for you whether you realize it or not. Not making a choice is still making a choice. This book really helped me realize that the decisions I make shouldn't make me feel guilty. And I loved how easy it was to read - her stories really brought it all together and put it on a personal level for me. Truly a great book.

If you are on the fence about something and need a little kick in the tail or are feeling guilty about having to make decisions - pick up this book. It doesn't just apply to women, nor does it apply to just applies to anyone who ever has to choose. Like you.

So choose to click this link and buy it for yourself. You'll thank yourself for it.

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